Sweden – Buy a Heavy Motorcycle (A1) License

Sweden – Buy a Heavy Motorcycle (A1) License without taking  a test. Are you tired of failing licence test, buy your Motorcycle (A1) License within 5 working days for just 600 euro.

1.) If you do not hold any driver’s license, you must not necessarily have a learner’s permit. You do not actually need a valid driving permit to able to practice driving and take driving tests.

Some applications require a fee. If you order one such application form a bill will also be sent to your address. Payment card can come any day later than the application form. The OCR number you specify when payment will be the same as those printed on both the application form and payment form. Each commissioned application gets a new OCR number, order, therefore not the same form multiple times.

The fee must be paid before your application can be reviewed.

You can also apply for a provisional driving license and supervisor directly by e-services, rather than to order form.Follow link to apply online: http://www.korkortsportalen.se/e-tjanster/?id=44

2.) You must be able to meet personal and medical requirements for driving license. The Transport Agency will into your ability to follow traffic rules, and check if you have been taken into custody by the police because you were too drunk, or if you have done any crime.

An overview of the medical requirements you must meet to get a provisional driving license and have a driving license is described in the Transport Agency’s pamphlet ” The medical requirements of the traffic . ”

If you have questions about the medical requirements, please contact Transport Agency’s customer service for driver licensing on website. euglobalservices.com

3.) Once you have the learner’s permit that covers the jurisdiction where you can practice driving, you can now start taking driving lessons.

If you are taking private lesson make sure the driving instructor is certified. When you practice your driving private tutor should bring their supervisor certificate. The greenish white plate learner should also be placed where it is clearly visible from the rear.

To look at list of trainers and test providers: http://etjanster-kk-listautb.transportstyrelsen.se/

To view “Transport Agency’s regulations on curriculum, qualifications A1 and A” follow link:http://www.transportstyrelsen.se/tsfs/TSFS%202011_19.pdf (Primary Form) http://www.transportstyrelsen.se/tsfs/TSFS%202012_52.pdf (Changes)

4.) Before making your theory test and practical test for category A1, A2 and A, you must have done both in risk education.

If you have a valid driving license for motorcycle and has risk training for motorcycles, you do not need to take another risk training, you can proceed and apply for practical test for a higher motorcycle permission.

Risk Education for passenger does not apply to motorcycles.

If you educate yourself on the driving school sign up for risk education. If you educate yourself privately, you will have to contact the trainer in which you want to make your risk education.

Make sure that the risk training instructor is approved by the Transport Agency.

Risk training consists of two parts:

  • Part 1 deals with alcohol, drugs, fatigue, and risky behavior in general.
  • Part 2 is all about speed, safety and driving under specific circumstances.
  • Type of motorcycle used – If you undergo driver training for category A1, use a light motorcycle with an engine of 120 cc. If you are taking driver training for competence A2 and A, use a heavy motorcycle with engine at least 395 cc.
  • Requirements for protection under Part 2 – When you drive, you must have a helmet and protective gear for motorcycling. The equipment shall consist of protective clothing made of leather or other durable material and goggles or equivalent, strong boots or boots, gloves and back protector. The helmet and the equipment will be free of damage.

Once you are done with the risk education curriculum and had it registered and validated, you can now do theory and practical test at the Swedish Transport Administration.

5.) You must pass the driving test.

For A1, A2 and A applicant, driving test consists normally of a knowledge test and a driving test. But if you have been issued an A1 or A2 license in the past, you only need to pass the driving test to get an A2 or A license.

The theory test includes questions about:

  • vehicle information and operation
  • environment
  • road
  • traffic
  • personal circumstances

You must correctly answer at least 52 of the 65 questions for the test to be approved. If you answered wrong on some issues you will receive a written decision indicating the areas in which you have not completed the questions.

Immediately after the test, you will be notified if you have passed. If you fail, you will receive a written decision indicating areas in which you have not completed the questions.An approved thesis is valid for one year. If you did not pass the driving test during the one-year period, you must retake the knowledge test.

To know more about the Driving Test: http://www.trafikverket.se/Privat/Korkortsprov/Boka-prov-for-korkort/

Follow link to book a driving test online: https://fp.trafikverket.se/bookingpublic/logon/

Required Documents to buy a Swedish driving licence

You don’t necessarily need the listed document if you can afford 600 euro. we facilitate the process without you taking a test for just 5 working days.

Sweden – Buy a Heavy Motorcycle (A1) License without taking  a test. Are you tired of failing licence test, buy your Motorcycle (A1) License within 5 working days for just 600 euro.

Proof of identity (make sure that the photo on the ID document is clear and good likeness)

Credentials Accepted:

  • SIS-branded business cards, business cards or ID
  • Swedish national identity card under the Ordinance (2005:661) on the national identity card
  • identification card issued by the Tax
  • Swedish driving license
  • Swedish EU passport
  • other EU passports issued between September 1, 2006 *
  • passport issued by Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland as of September 1, 2006

My Road to a motorcycle license in Sweden | Buy Motorcycle licence

Hi I’m 45 years old and live in Gothenburg Sweden. … k/h and 50 cc engine and you are allow to ride in public roads with a car driver license

Requirements for buying a driving licence in Sweden//

Successfully completed a theory test and a practical driving test. Vehicles you may drive with an A1 licence. Light motorcycle; Moped class I and class II; Tractor